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  • Episode 36 – Wellbeing Government

    Episode 36 – Wellbeing Government

    When we think of government priorities, economic growth often takes centre stage. However, a growing number of countries are challenging this paradigm by placing the happiness and wellbeing of their citizens at the forefront. Bhutan, known for pioneering the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH), set the stage for a new approach. Instead of solely…

  • Episode 26 – Happiness Definition

    Episode 26 – Happiness Definition

    Last season, I explored happiness definitions. I finally have developed my own one. In this episode, I unpack this happiness definition. My happiness definition has several elements: embracing challenges, creating positive moments and acknowledging negative emotions. The aim is consistent happiness, returning to positive emotions after experiencing negative ones. The first part is about embracing…

  • Episode 12 – Play

    Episode 12 – Play

    Episode 12 of the Exploring Happiness podcast is all about Play. I used this article to kickstart me. Play is great because it helps relieve stress, improves brain function, boosts mind and creativity, improves relationships and makes us feels more energetic and young. Play can be extensive or just a little joke here and there.…

  • Episode 10 – The Midnight Library

    Episode 10 – The Midnight Library

    Episode 10 of the Exploring Happiness podcast is all about regrets. I talk about Matt Haig’s book The Midnight Library. The Midnight Library is an easy read and I found it inspiring. Spoiler alert!!! The story follows a woman, Nora, who struggles with past decisions in her life. She doesn’t see the point in continuing…

  • Episode 2 – What is happiness?

    Episode 2 – What is happiness?

    Yeah, what is happiness? In this Exploring Happiness podcast episode, I’m looking at different definitions. I’m not going to come up with one single definition. I think happiness has much to it. There are different facets. Thus, I’m looking at different disciplines. I also think that happiness is sometimes bonding with people, sometimes finding hope…

  • My first podcast episode

    My first podcast episode

    Woohoo!!! My very first podcast episode is recorded. Yes, it’s still bumpy. I had no idea what I was doing. But progress over perfection, right? It was also quite fun. I’m looking forward to recording the next one already. Unsurprisingly, my first podcast episode is an introduction. I’m introducing myself, the idea of the podcast…