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Category: Health

  • Episode 29 – Self-Care

    Episode 29 – Self-Care

    Self-care is simple – take care of yourself. For many, that’s probably where ‘simple’ ends. We – and women in particular – are hardwired to take care of everyone. Listening to my girlfriends, I always hear that they want to help. And so many of us end up taking care of everyone but ourselves. This…

  • Episode 21 – Health

    Episode 21 – Health

    This episode is part of the Exploring Happiness Framework series. Health is the second pillar of the framework. This pillar deals with creating the capacity to feel happy. If you are worn out and exhausted, it is very difficult to feel happy. Therefore, it is important for happiness that you look after your body and…

  • Episode 16 – Energy

    Episode 16 – Energy

    In episode 16 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I discuss Energy. I get into acupuncture and Feng Shui as methods to stimulate the flow. I discuss the importance for happiness, indeed that it might be happiness at some point. Positive energy means that everything works out or feels easy. If there are obstacles, there are…

  • Episode 12 – Play

    Episode 12 – Play

    Episode 12 of the Exploring Happiness podcast is all about Play. I used this article to kickstart me. Play is great because it helps relieve stress, improves brain function, boosts mind and creativity, improves relationships and makes us feels more energetic and young. Play can be extensive or just a little joke here and there.…

  • Episode 7 – Healthy Habits

    Episode 7 – Healthy Habits

    In episode 7 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I explore healthy habits. It is the final part of my mini-series introducing intentional activities to make us happier. Healthy habits prepare the soil for happiness. Only when we are nourished and well-rested, can we feel happy and pursue goals that make us happy. I am sharing…