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  • Episode 5 – Gratitude

    Episode 5 – Gratitude

    The next episode of the Exploring Happiness podcast, episode 5, is about gratitude. This is the second part of my mini-series about intentional activities which can make us happier. Listen to episode 4 about positive thinking to catch up if you haven’t already. Gratitude seems straight forward but I struggled quite a bit with practising…

  • Episode 4 – Positive Mindset

    Episode 4 – Positive Mindset

    In this episode, I will look at adopting a positive mindset to be happier. It is the first of four episodes looking into intentional activity improving happiness. In the last episode, we learned about the happiness pie chart and how there is a 40% window for those who are not born happy to still become…

  • Episode 3 – Who is responsible for your happiness?

    Episode 3 – Who is responsible for your happiness?

    This week I’m looking at the question of who is responsible for your happiness. The answer might come as a surprise or relief. In any case, it is very clear who it is and why that is great news. I also visit the happiness pie chart developed by Sonya Lyurbirmirsky and others. You can see…