Exploring Happiness Email Course

Exploring Happiness Email Course

Have you been struggling with overwhelm and stress? Are you somewhat happy but there is definitely still wiggle room? The Exploring Happiness Email Course provides you with understanding what the often blurry idea of happiness actually is and how to approach becoming happy(ier).


This is an email course, so you’ll receive the 10 lessons by email. Yes, there is reading involved. You will receive an email for each category every 3 days.

The email will contain my take on these categories and an action you can take. I give you 3 days to take action or ponder about it before sending the next email.

What does the course cover?

Topics which are generally linked to happiness:

  1. Mindset – How you position yourself towards happiness
  2. Feeling & Thinking – How to deal with what goes on in our minds
  3. Awareness – How to avoid unhealthy auto piloting to get unstuck
  4. Habits – How to use auto piloting to foster a healthier lifestyle
  5. Health – How eating, moving and sleeping lays groundwork for happiness
  6. Love – How to create love connections
  7. Community – How to belong
  8. Spirituality – How to deal with the uncontrollable
  9. Control – How to have a say in your life
  10. Meaning & Purpose – How to use meaning in your life

What if I don’t like it?

If you don’t like the email course style (too much reading?), you can request a refund before the second lesson (Feeling & Thinking).