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  • Dropping Weight

    Dropping Weight

    It’s been a while. I had to drop out and do life stuff… dropping weight. How? Here it goes: First, on my last day of tutoring I made the decision to move out of my home of 11 years and become… well, homeless. After my now-ex-husband moved out 3 years ago, the rent was way…

  • Episode 33 – Guilt

    Episode 33 – Guilt

    Welcome back to another episode of the Exploring Happiness Podcast. Today, we’re delving into the deep and often murky waters of guilt, and its intricate relationship with our happiness. Guilt, that nagging feeling that we’ve somehow fallen short of our own standards and values, has a profound impact on our well-being. Join me as I…

  • Episode 25 – Letting Go

    Episode 25 – Letting Go

    This episode of the Exploring Happiness podcast is dedicated to letting go, the last pillar of the Exploring Happiness Framework. While the other pillars – dreams, resources, mindset, health and connections – are about accepting control and taking action to be happy, letting go is the opposite. Letting go describes being prepared, having set up…