Get ready to unlock the secrets of happiness! I firmly believe that happiness is not just reserved for a lucky few—it’s a skill that anyone can learn.

I’ve been on a transformative journey, diving deep into the realms of personal growth and happiness. Along the way, I’ve crafted a powerful framework and discovered proven tools that have completely transformed my own life.

Now, I’m thrilled to be sharing this treasure trove of wisdom with you through my Instagram channel, weekly newsletter, and blog reflections.

Join me on this adventure, and together, we’ll unravel the mysteries of happiness, uncovering practical techniques and inspiring insights that will empower you to create a life brimming with joy, fulfilment, and purpose. Happiness is a learnable skill.

Most importantly, to make the world happier, we have to take care of our own happiness. A happier world would mean to get of poverty, hunger, a majority of disease, conflict, violence and war. Who doesn’t want that? So, jump on board and focus on your happiness to help the world! 😉

Awesome! How do I get started?

Email Course

Have you been struggling with overwhelm and stress? Are you somewhat happy but there is definitely still wiggle room? The Exploring Happiness Email Course provides you with understanding of happiness actually is and how to approach becoming happy(ier).

10k A Month Workshop

Exploring Happiness Blog - Manifesting 10k per month

Introducing the game changer to understand manifesting and abundance: 10K A MONTH! This powerhouse workshop equips you with the internal strategies to effortlessly generate over $10,000 a month, regardless of your industry or skill set.

Exploring Happiness Course

The Exploring Happiness course merges my extensive research and personal experiences. With dual Master’s degrees in Economics (German University of Goettingen) and Development Studies (Australian University of New South Wales), and nearing completion of my PhD (University of New South Wales), I’ve spent two decades studying happiness through literature reviews, observation, and informal interviews.

My journey, shaped by battles with depression, bulimia, fertility issues, alcohol struggles, cancer, and divorce, inspired my pursuit of happiness. This course synthesises scientific evidence from global researchers and my experience trialling tools and strategies, revealing that happiness is attainable through learning and practice, regardless of one’s innate disposition.

The course launches in June 2024. Sign up for the newsletter to receive updates.

Exploring Happiness Blog

Exploring Happiness Blog

The blog covers a wide range of topics in which I explore and reflect on happiness with the underlying question of how to increase happiness.

Exploring Happiness Survey

Exploring Happiness Survey

The Exploring Happiness Survey captures what makes you happy. It also captures your tricks and traps – what gets you down and what helps you up?


What I appreciate most about working with Anja is that A) she manages to look at my life objectively and helps me to find positive aspects in difficult situations in a very pragmatic way, and that B) she hands me the necessary tools to deal with things pro-actively, instead of letting things happen.

She has fought through a lot of obstacles in her life and got to the point, where she is now by dealing with it. She is not your everyday happiness Guru that pretends to be enlightened by some fancy spririt, but she does have a lot of experience in finding ways for well-being and happiness, she gets to know you, she is authentic, constructive, helpful, and she reminds me constantly of the things that are really important (for me!).

When I sit in front of a metaphorical wall and don’t know where to turn to, she helps me find my direction by guiding me along my wishes that I tend to forget in the hubbub of family chaos. Her podcast provides useful tips for everyday life and general well being, and her course helped me to structure various aspects of my life better so I am more effective and overall more content.

First and foremost though she reminds me to trust myself and listen to my feelings, because I needed to learn that only when I am well, the people around me are affected positively by it, too. Everybody kind of knows it, but Anja helps to live it!

Charlotte Hirsch – France

Happiness Checklist

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