Episode 10 – The Midnight Library

Episode 10 - The Midnight Library

Episode 10 of the Exploring Happiness podcast is all about regrets. I talk about Matt Haig’s book The Midnight Library. The Midnight Library is an easy read and I found it inspiring.

Spoiler alert!!!

The story follows a woman, Nora, who struggles with past decisions in her life. She doesn’t see the point in continuing her life and commits suicide. She doesn’t die but ends up somewhere in between. That is the midnight library where you can try on alternative lives.

The point is to resolve regrets. Whenever one thinks they took the wrong decision, the wrong path, was it really so? And if it was wrong, what can we do about it? It’s in the past, we cannot change any of that anymore. But can we take parts of that regret into the now and introduce it into our lives so that it is not missing?

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Clover Anja Wendt