Episode 14 – Free Will & Freedom

Episode 14 - Free Will & Freedom

In episode 14 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I discuss free will and freedom. Free will is when you make your own choice and act upon it. That is then freedom when you can make your own choice and implement it. Free will and freedom are safe paths to happiness.

What is the problem then? Why don’t we all exercise some free will? Because we are subject to chemical reactions, aka hormones, and brain patterns, aka beliefs, which dictate our reactions. We can overwrite these. It is difficult but once achieved, it really makes us happier. When we decide to overwrite and act upon it, we have found free will.

Listen to episode 14 – free will & freedom – here and comment in the box below:

If you haven’t listened to my other episodes, have a look at the Podcast overview page. I have covered general topics like what is happiness and how gratitude, positive thinking, being social and healthy habits support happiness. I’m talking about topics like global warming, play and negativity bias. And most importantly, I have answered the question of who is responsible for your happiness.

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One response to “Episode 14 – Free Will & Freedom”

  1. Alan Tyfa Avatar
    Alan Tyfa

    My free will leads to whats bad for me in the long run the intention is always good but I always end up going back to the same pattern

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