Episode 18 – Happiness & Success

Episode 18 - Success

The final episode 18 of the first season of the Exploring Happiness podcast, it’s all about success. One reason is that I see my start in podcasting as successful. Maybe not award-winning successful… yet… but successful in terms of starting from scratch and building up something.

That is exactly the point of this episode. Success can promote happiness, and happiness leads to more success. However, it is how we define and perceive success. Success is usually a comparison game – what have they achieved, and how do I compare to them? But we can pick to who we compare ourselves. Or even not compare at all.

It is also about what we deem success. Is it only having lots of money, status, power or all of the above? We do know that those alone don’t make us happy… even if we often don’t want to believe it. Or is success achieving personal goals including financial and socio-economical goals, but also relationship, health and general well-being goals?

Listen here and comment to get some discussion starting:

If you haven’t listened to my other episodes, have a look at the Podcast overview page. I have covered general topics like what happiness is and how gratitude, positive thinking, being social and healthy habits support happiness. I’m talking about topics like global warming, play and negativity bias. And most importantly, I have answered the question of who is responsible for your happiness.

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I will be back with season 2 in February/March 2023.

Have a happy rest of the year!

Clover Anja Wendt