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  • Episode 32 – Parenthood

    Episode 32 – Parenthood

    What about parenthood and happiness? Some parents swear that children make them happy. Others swear that their children have made their hair grey. Parenthood and happiness There is a lot of happiness in all that oxytocin released by young children needing lots of hugs and touch. Being together, having meaningful love relationships and also working…

  • Episode 30 – Suffering

    Episode 30 – Suffering

    Suffering is linked to happiness. Some people seem to think that you have to suffer to discover happiness. And they may not be wrong. But how much do you have to suffer? What is suffering? Suffering is caused by pain or distress. It is an unpleasant emotion, usually associated with the experience or expectation of…

  • Episode 29 – Self-Care

    Episode 29 – Self-Care

    Self-care is simple – take care of yourself. For many, that’s probably where ‘simple’ ends. We – and women in particular – are hardwired to take care of everyone. Listening to my girlfriends, I always hear that they want to help. And so many of us end up taking care of everyone but ourselves. This…

  • Episode 23 – Resources

    Episode 23 – Resources

    In episode 23 of the Exploring Happiness Podcast, I explore resources, the fourth pillar of the Exploring Happiness Framework. The Exploring Happiness Framework helps us to understand happiness and identify what we can do to feel happy consistently. This episode examines four resources relevant to happiness: money, time, belongings or tools and energy. While belongings…

  • Episode 16 – Energy

    Episode 16 – Energy

    In episode 16 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I discuss Energy. I get into acupuncture and Feng Shui as methods to stimulate the flow. I discuss the importance for happiness, indeed that it might be happiness at some point. Positive energy means that everything works out or feels easy. If there are obstacles, there are…