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  • Episode 28 – Rituals

    Episode 28 – Rituals

    Rituals are part of all cultures and traditions. We pass rituals down from generation to generation. In this episode, I reflect on the link between rituals and happiness. What are rituals? Rituals are activities (or gestures, words or sounds) performed in a certain order. These activities are symbolic, and the ritual doesn’t have to be…

  • Episode 27 – Happy Hormones

    Episode 27 – Happy Hormones

    Happiness hormones are powerful in ensuring consistent happiness. I have talked about these hormones in previous episodes. Because they are so powerful, I am dedicating this episode to happy hormones. Happy hormones help us feel good. They are dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin. Understanding how they are triggered gives you the tools to get out…

  • Episode 20 – Mindset

    Episode 20 – Mindset

    After introducing the Exploring Happiness Framework in the last episode, this episode is dedicated to the first pillar of the framework: Mindset. I’m diving into all the things we can influence but also those which influence us more than they should. While our thoughts can dominate us, we can also work out how to control…

  • Episode 19 – The Exploring Happiness Framework

    Episode 19 – The Exploring Happiness Framework

    The Exploring Happiness podcast is back with a second season, starting with the Exploring Happiness Framework. I developed the framework after extensive research. The six pillars, Mindset, Health, Connections, Resources, Dreams and Letting Go, are based on what I identified as happy or unhappy makers. These are the levers and buttons we can use to…

  • Episode 16 – Energy

    Episode 16 – Energy

    In episode 16 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I discuss Energy. I get into acupuncture and Feng Shui as methods to stimulate the flow. I discuss the importance for happiness, indeed that it might be happiness at some point. Positive energy means that everything works out or feels easy. If there are obstacles, there are…

  • Episode 9 – The Happiness Project

    Episode 9 – The Happiness Project

    In episode 9 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I talk about Gretchen Rubin‘s book which is called The Happiness Project. The Happiness Project has inspired me and helped me to turn around from a journey into unhappiness. It has been such a milestone in my happiness journey that I dedicate this episode to this book.…