Episode 2 – What is happiness?

Episode 2 - What is Happiness

Yeah, what is happiness? In this Exploring Happiness podcast episode, I’m looking at different definitions. I’m not going to come up with one single definition. I think happiness has much to it. There are different facets. Thus, I’m looking at different disciplines.

I also think that happiness is sometimes bonding with people, sometimes finding hope and sometimes it’s a general feeling of acceptance. There are times when getting a new gadget is really boosting happiness and sometimes it is doing a little skip when walking.

Happiness is many things. That is great as it opens up opportunities for us to be happy. Listen to my approach to defining happiness here:

I’m referring to the free online course about Positive Psychology on Coursera and Loretta Graziano Breuning’s book Habits of a Happy Brain. Also, listen to my first episode if you haven’t done that already.

Talk to you next week about who is responsible for your happiness.

Have a happy day!

Clover Anja Wendt

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