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  • Episode 20 – Mindset

    Episode 20 – Mindset

    After introducing the Exploring Happiness Framework in the last episode, this episode is dedicated to the first pillar of the framework: Mindset. I’m diving into all the things we can influence but also those which influence us more than they should. While our thoughts can dominate us, we can also work out how to control…

  • Episode 8 – Negativity Bias

    Episode 8 – Negativity Bias

    In episode 8 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I talk about the negativity bias. The negativity bias has been important for our survival. It still is but it often pops up when it is not that urgent. The negativity bias causes a lot of preventable stress which counteracts happiness. In this episode, I introduce the…

  • Episode 2 – What is happiness?

    Episode 2 – What is happiness?

    Yeah, what is happiness? In this Exploring Happiness podcast episode, I’m looking at different definitions. I’m not going to come up with one single definition. I think happiness has much to it. There are different facets. Thus, I’m looking at different disciplines. I also think that happiness is sometimes bonding with people, sometimes finding hope…