Episode 21 – Health

Exploring Happiness Episode 21 - Health

This episode is part of the Exploring Happiness Framework series. Health is the second pillar of the framework. This pillar deals with creating the capacity to feel happy. If you are worn out and exhausted, it is very difficult to feel happy. Therefore, it is important for happiness that you look after your body and source as much energy as possible.

Even though you might struggle with health issues, you can do certain things to increase your health and your happiness. I am not a health coach or health care professional and I’m most certainly not perfect in exercising healthy habits. But I’m getting there after a long journey of an unhealthy lifestyle.

What I find important and what I talk about is the understanding of what we can do with our health to feel happy. Even if we tend to eat a little bit trashy, we can add some fruit and veggies. Even though we think we need red wine to enjoy ourselves and relax, we can reduce it to one or substitute it here or there with red grape juice. Even though we struggle with sleep, we can work on our rest during the day. And even though we are tired, we can get up and move every now and then.

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Look at the Podcast overview page if you haven’t listened to my other episodes. I have covered general topics like what happiness is and how gratitude, positive thinking, being social and healthy habits support happiness. I’m talking about topics like global warming, play and negativity bias. And most importantly, I have answered the question of who is responsible for your happiness and what to do about it.

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