Episode 26 – Happiness Definition

Exploring Happiness Episode 26 - Happiness Definition

Last season, I explored happiness definitions. I finally have developed my own one. In this episode, I unpack this happiness definition.

My happiness definition has several elements: embracing challenges, creating positive moments and acknowledging negative emotions. The aim is consistent happiness, returning to positive emotions after experiencing negative ones.

The first part is about embracing challenges. There are always challenges, and embracing them makes it easier to face them. It is not about expecting challenges and negative events. It is about embracing.

The next part is about positive moments. Positive moments are happiness. They might be filled with calm, joy, love, excitement, awe, hope or pride. Life is made out of moments. If we learn to create as many positive moments as possible, we learn how to create happiness.

Finally, I talk about acknowledging negative emotions instead of denying or ignoring them. They have a place and a role. They show us something. We should acknowledge these negative feelings but not get stuck in them. Instead, we best return to creating positive moments, possibly by using the lessons from the experience of negative emotions.

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Look at the Podcast overview page if you haven’t listened to my other episodes. I have covered general topics like what happiness is and how gratitude, positive thinking, being social and healthy habits support happiness. I’m talking about topics like global warming, play and negativity bias. And most importantly, I have answered the question of who is responsible for your happiness and what to do about it.

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