Episode 3 – Who is responsible for your happiness?

Episode 3 - Who is responsible

This week I’m looking at the question of who is responsible for your happiness. The answer might come as a surprise or relief. In any case, it is very clear who it is and why that is great news.

I also visit the happiness pie chart developed by Sonya Lyurbirmirsky and others. You can see it in this article (and also get a critical review of the chart).

The pie chart is important to understand your power when it comes to your happiness. While the question of who is responsible for your happiness might put a heavy load on some, it can really mean relief. The pie chart depicts that. Despite the criticism, it means we have a say in our own happiness.

Then I talk about what happiness should or should not look like and why. Finally, how to measure happiness.

Listen to the episode here:

If you haven’t already, listen also to episode 1 and episode 2.

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