Episode 5 – Gratitude

Episode 5 - Gratitude

The next episode of the Exploring Happiness podcast, episode 5, is about gratitude. This is the second part of my mini-series about intentional activities which can make us happier. Listen to episode 4 about positive thinking to catch up if you haven’t already.

Gratitude seems straight forward but I struggled quite a bit with practising it. In this episode, I share my struggles and how I resolved them. I also share how gratitude can help improve connections with loved ones. Man, they can be annoying sometimes. But we love them and so we keep working on that connection. Gratitude can surely help you out here.

This episode is a quickie since it is a simple concept. Listen to it here:

Want to dive deeper into gratitude? The internet is full of guides and support. Maybe start with this one.

Listen to the other podcasts if you haven’t already. Feel free to comment and share your experience or opinion. And if you like the podcast, share it with those who might be interested. Also, you might want to listen and learn to be grateful for you 😉

Have a happy day!

Happy Sunflowers Anja Wendt