Episode 9 – The Happiness Project

Episode 9 - The Happiness Project

In episode 9 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I talk about Gretchen Rubin‘s book which is called The Happiness Project.

The Happiness Project has inspired me and helped me to turn around from a journey into unhappiness. It has been such a milestone in my happiness journey that I dedicate this episode to this book.

In The Happiness Project Gretchen assigns a topic to each month of the year. The topics represent areas in which Gretchen wants to improve her happiness. These areas are love, work, parenthood, passion, spirituality etc. Gretchen resolves each topic into activities that she focuses on in that particular month.

With The Happiness Project Gretchen has created a practical guide on how to tackle happiness. Particularly when you are unsure why exactly you are not really happy.

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