Episode 11 – Global Warming

Episode 11 - Global Warming

In episode 11 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I discuss Global Warming. Since it is such a threatening topic making so many people anxious, I believe it is a good idea to talk about it. As always, talking about it can relieve some of the anxiety and overwhelm and give us action steps to move on.

Global Warming, climate change, environmental protection… it’s all about taking care of our resources. While we are waiting for ‘the others’ aka government, society, the rich people or other fellow humans to accept the danger and do something against it… well, until they do, we might be able to get started ourselves.

Most people have started to take some action but I still share some tips and experiences. (I really struggled with Bokashi!) I also talk about mindset since that’s something I love talking about.

Listen to the episode here and comment below if you would like to discuss:

If you haven’t listened to any other podcast episodes, check out my Podcast page overview. I have already covered a number of topics, starting with what happiness is and who is responsible for yours.

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