1:1 Exploring Happiness Strategy Session

Calling everyone who wants to be happier. You are not unhappy, but it could be better. You could be happy more consistently. It’s time for a happiness strategy!

In this Exploring Happiness Strategy Session, you will work through the Exploring Happiness Framework, setting up your strategy by using the six pillars. We will practice with short exercises and cover the idea behind happiness makers. You’ll leave with a custom-made game plan, an empowering strategy to implement consistent happiness, and clarity on what matters and why.

Exploring Happiness Strategy

When you book the 1:1 Exploring Happiness Strategy Session, you will receive a 2-hour consult call over Zoom. Before our call, you will complete an intake form, so I can get all the information I need to create a custom agenda for our session. After the call, you will receive a recording, an action plan, and a short booklet to support your next steps in implementing the happiness strategy.

1:1 Exploring Happiness Strategy Session Investment: $97 US

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About Anja

I have been exploring happiness for decades to improve my happiness. With my podcast, newsletter and Instagram reels, I have been providing happiness support. More about me here.

Charlotte Hirsch-Morbey says: “What I appreciate most about working with Anja is that A) she manages to look at my life objectively and helps me to find positive aspects in difficult situations in a very pragmatic way, and that B) she hands me the necessary tools to deal with things pro-actively, instead of letting things happen.”

Zoe Bell says: “The casual approach that Anja applies makes the content very accessible and actionable.”