Episode 24 – Dreams

Exploring Happiness Podcast Episode 24 - Dreams

I’ll talk about dreams in this episode of the Exploring Happiness Podcast. Dreams is the fifth pillar of the Exploring Happiness Framework. I have identified dreams as a pillar because our dreams show us what interests us, which way we might want to explore next and where our natural talents and skills are used best.

In this context, it is not about dreams at night, even though that might happen too. It is about what feels interesting or right. Our mind wanders to it when we think about what we want. Often, we think that those dreams are foolish or impossible.

It doesn’t make us happy to pursue every dream. But it makes us happy to identify our dreams, explore them and let them guide us in choosing our life projects and targets. Goalsetting is a large part of dreams because it helps to realise or at least explore dreams. Some can be translated into goals and realised. Many dreams seem impossible and need more resources; we must decide if we want to pursue them and where we can free up resources.

Setting goals means that we take action. We put a plan in motion. Goals should be specific, realistic and measurable. They can and should have space for developments and opportunities, but they need action steps and milestones to guide us towards our goals. They also need reviews and evaluations for big goals to check if we still want to pursue that goal. This is where the why of our goal comes into play. Why is this goal so important?

Following our dreams creates our purpose and gives our lives meaning. Following our dreams signifies that we use our resources efficiently and contribute the most we can to the world. Our energy flows, and we share our full value with others, the world and the universe.

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