Episode 31 – Power

Exploring Happiness Podcast Episode 31 - Power

Happiness and power – how do they relate? Well, it really depends on how it is used.

What is power?

Power is usually defined as control, authority, domination and influence. However, it really matters how we talk about it. A social work blog post explains that there are four types.

Power over assumes finite resources and gives power to those who control access to those resources. This type uses violence and fear. Physical resources such as food, medical care and money or emotional resources such as love, attention and esteem are used to manipulate and control others.

Power with and to point to a more beneficial type of power. This type is about sharing and empowering each other – great potential for happiness.

Finally, power within refers to empowering ourselves. This type is about self-esteem and self-knowledge.

Working together, sharing and collaborating is the safest way to happiness. Every other way is really stressful because everyone wants the powerful position and will fight for it.

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Look at the Podcast overview page if you haven’t listened to my other episodes. I have covered general topics like what happiness is and how gratitude, positive thinking, being social and healthy habits support happiness. I’m talking about topics like global warming, play and negativity bias. And most importantly, I have answered the question of who is responsible for your happiness and what to do about it.

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