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  • Episode 35 – Identity

    Episode 35 – Identity

    Identity is that enigmatic essence that makes each of us uniquely ourselves. While it’s easy to think of identity as a fixed construct, the truth is far more fascinating. Identity is a fluid concept, a dynamic tapestry woven from various threads that constantly evolve and intertwine. Some aspects of our identity may be rooted in…

  • Episode 31 – Power

    Episode 31 – Power

    Happiness and power – how do they relate? Well, it really depends on how it is used. What is power? Power is usually defined as control, authority, domination and influence. However, it really matters how we talk about it. A social work blog post explains that there are four types. Power over assumes finite resources…

  • Episode 23 – Resources

    Episode 23 – Resources

    In episode 23 of the Exploring Happiness Podcast, I explore resources, the fourth pillar of the Exploring Happiness Framework. The Exploring Happiness Framework helps us to understand happiness and identify what we can do to feel happy consistently. This episode examines four resources relevant to happiness: money, time, belongings or tools and energy. While belongings…

  • Episode 19 – The Exploring Happiness Framework

    Episode 19 – The Exploring Happiness Framework

    The Exploring Happiness podcast is back with a second season, starting with the Exploring Happiness Framework. I developed the framework after extensive research. The six pillars, Mindset, Health, Connections, Resources, Dreams and Letting Go, are based on what I identified as happy or unhappy makers. These are the levers and buttons we can use to…