Episode 34 – Jealousy

Exploring Happiness Podcast Episode 34 - Jealousy

Ah, jealousy! The infamous green-eyed monster that rears its head when we perceive someone else to possess something we desire (that’s actually envy but it doesn’t matter much). While it may seem like an unwelcome emotion, jealousy actually serves a purpose in our lives. It acts as a powerful indicator, highlighting our deepest desires and motivating us to pursue our own happiness. Rather than dismissing jealousy as a negative force, we can harness its energy and channel it towards personal growth.

What is jealousy?

Jealousy stems from a fundamental human need for validation, recognition, and success. When we witness others achieving what we crave, it triggers a sense of inadequacy within us. However, this feeling can be transformed into a powerful catalyst for change. Instead of dwelling in envy, we can use jealousy as a source of inspiration. By examining what exactly sparks that twinge of jealousy within us, we gain insight into our own desires and aspirations. Jealousy can become a valuable compass that guides us towards our own path of fulfillment.

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