Exploring Happiness Blog - Manifesting

Manifesting. That’s today’s topic. There’s hype about manifesting in the self-development world. Some of these manifesting gurus earn millions (which they probably manifested successfully).

So, what is it? It’s wanting something and getting it. But it’s more than wanting a dress, going shopping and buying one. When you manifest, you’ll get the perfect dress without necessarily buying it. Manifesting is like creating a wishlist and then sending it to the universe.

Hm, does that make sense? Let’s look into it: The easiest example is the park angel – when you need a parking space and wish for one and usually you’ll then find one quickly. But let’s make it a bit harder: Imagine you want a certain job but it seems unattainable. So, you manifest it.

How does manifesting work?

Manifesting works with setting a specific focus on that goal. You can journal about the job and how it feels to work there, have that position and earn that salary. You can also meditate, visualise or daydream about it. It’s really important to imagine how it feels because you need to make it all juicy and get that desire feeling (Dopamin) going. The more vivid you can imagine your goal, the better. Lock it in.

Another important aspect is that you don’t think about the HOW. It doesn’t matter how your wish becomes true (trusting in an ethically correct universe). That’s the universe’s business. You just need to know what you want and why. That’s it. Forget about the rest.

I like to keep my manifestations depending mostly on magic and things I don’t understand. However, if your logic brain needs some reasoning, feed it with the reticular activation system which is part of our brains. We can’t perceive much consciously, so the brain picks the focus. When you use this system, you are shifting your awareness to pursue your goal/wish. It’s like a bloodhound tracking game. For you events seem like coincidences but your reticular activation system has sniffed out opportunities on the trail to the goal.

It’s easier to learn through practice. So, what do you wish for and feel it could be achievable (let’s start easy unless you are already a pro)? Imagine getting it vividly and journal about it. Lock that in! And then trust the process.

It definitely works for me with smaller things. I have to practice on the bigger goals (hello, lottery win). Let me know if it works for you. Do you have any tips?

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