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  • Manifesting 10k per month

    Manifesting 10k per month

    Abundance and manifesting – yes, I’m back at this topic. Not so surprising when we remember that I made myself homeless because I didn’t have enough money for rent. At the same time, I’m not worried. There’s always been money for the things I really wanted. I just can’t “order” or manifest a random sum…

  • Manifesting


    Manifesting. That’s today’s topic. There’s hype about manifesting in the self-development world. Some of these manifesting gurus earn millions (which they probably manifested successfully). So, what is it? It’s wanting something and getting it. But it’s more than wanting a dress, going shopping and buying one. When you manifest, you’ll get the perfect dress without…

  • Episode 23 – Resources

    Episode 23 – Resources

    In episode 23 of the Exploring Happiness Podcast, I explore resources, the fourth pillar of the Exploring Happiness Framework. The Exploring Happiness Framework helps us to understand happiness and identify what we can do to feel happy consistently. This episode examines four resources relevant to happiness: money, time, belongings or tools and energy. While belongings…