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  • Episode 25 – Letting Go

    Episode 25 – Letting Go

    This episode of the Exploring Happiness podcast is dedicated to letting go, the last pillar of the Exploring Happiness Framework. While the other pillars – dreams, resources, mindset, health and connections – are about accepting control and taking action to be happy, letting go is the opposite. Letting go describes being prepared, having set up…

  • Episode 19 – The Exploring Happiness Framework

    Episode 19 – The Exploring Happiness Framework

    The Exploring Happiness podcast is back with a second season, starting with the Exploring Happiness Framework. I developed the framework after extensive research. The six pillars, Mindset, Health, Connections, Resources, Dreams and Letting Go, are based on what I identified as happy or unhappy makers. These are the levers and buttons we can use to…