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  • Episode 32 – Parenthood

    Episode 32 – Parenthood

    What about parenthood and happiness? Some parents swear that children make them happy. Others swear that their children have made their hair grey. Parenthood and happiness There is a lot of happiness in all that oxytocin released by young children needing lots of hugs and touch. Being together, having meaningful love relationships and also working…

  • Episode 22 – Connections

    Episode 22 – Connections

    This episode is part of the Exploring Happiness Framework series. Connections is pillar number 3. For us humans, it is super important to connect. We feel safer in numbers. Connecting with others releases Oxytocin which makes us happy. It helps us to trust others and bond with them. There are two types of connections –…

  • Episode 6 – Prosocial Behaviour

    Episode 6 – Prosocial Behaviour

    In episode 6 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I talk about engaging in prosocial behaviour as an intentional activity to make us happier. I like the term prosocial behaviour but I probably should rather say connecting with others, turning towards people (and not away from them). I outline the two important connection types which I…