Episode 32 – Parenthood

Exploring Happiness Podcast Episode 32 - Parenthood

What about parenthood and happiness? Some parents swear that children make them happy. Others swear that their children have made their hair grey.

Parenthood and happiness

There is a lot of happiness in all that oxytocin released by young children needing lots of hugs and touch. Being together, having meaningful love relationships and also working out how to teach the world to a new human have all a large impact on happiness.

But that human is at first very helpless and needs lots of help, thus draws on our energy levels. Then, when the little human becomes more independent, it doesn’t want to always listen and do what we want. Having kids can be really enerving, particularly when we juggle several other responsibilities. Those little humans have to learn everything but don’t want to learn it all from us telling them about it. They want to test, try and find out by themselves.

The only way to enjoy parenthood is by embracing exactly that. That it doesn’t always work as we wish. That those kids don’t always do what we want. And also that not all of what we teach is what they need.

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