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  • Episode 29 – Self-Care

    Episode 29 – Self-Care

    Self-care is simple – take care of yourself. For many, that’s probably where ‘simple’ ends. We – and women in particular – are hardwired to take care of everyone. Listening to my girlfriends, I always hear that they want to help. And so many of us end up taking care of everyone but ourselves. This…

  • Episode 17 – Gender Equality

    Episode 17 – Gender Equality

    In episode 17 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I’m dabbling in the topic of gender equality. I’m focused on the individual and couple/family level. While it is a complex issue involving a lot of factors, there is always something we individuals can do to improve the situation. As a woman, I find that many women…

  • Episode 15 – Productivity

    Episode 15 – Productivity

    In episode 15 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I discuss productivity. Productivity is a buzzword. We are all meant to be productive. And score – if we are happy, we are 12% more productive, at least according to this study. But is productivity making us happier? Yes and no (as usual). It most certainly can…