Episode 15 – Productivity

Episode 15 - Productivity

In episode 15 of the Exploring Happiness podcast, I discuss productivity. Productivity is a buzzword. We are all meant to be productive. And score – if we are happy, we are 12% more productive, at least according to this study.

But is productivity making us happier? Yes and no (as usual). It most certainly can make us happier. Ticking off boxes and getting this done is a biggie for the Dopamine release. That’s one of the happiness hormones.

Productivity can also lead us into the Flow state where we are ‘in the zone’, all our attention focussed on a challenge for which we are well equipped with skills. Flow is very connected to happiness.

But all that focus can also deplete our resources. The Dopamine release can lead to addiction and societal expectations can lead to automation and further depletion of resources. Productivity is great when it feels great. But when it’s exhausting our last resources, it must be stopped. At least until our tank is refuelled and we are good to go ticking off lists and getting things done.

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