Happiness is my Priority

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For the last 10 days, I have been experimenting with a challenge – the Happiness is my Priority challenge. Every day, I post on ​Instagram ​Happiness is my Priority“. I create a new post daily, not copying or recycling old posts or scheduling them days ahead. The importance lies in the intention to commit newly every day.

Why do I do that? Well, as I have often written about, our brain can only register a minimal part of impressions consciously. We can have a say in what we want to focus on – mantras, vision boards and goals in general all work well. Our brain is not judgemental – set it to the task and it will find opportunities and try hard to make come true whatever you wished for (yes, if you keep saying “I’m a failure, I can’t do anything right” your brain will try to make that come true as well). I’ve been tapping into that mechanism with my daily proclamation.

Yes, but why?

Because isn’t happiness the highest good? Isn’t that the state we should be in as much as we can? Happiness is strongly (but not completely) connected with the parasympathetic nervous system and our rest and digest state. Feeling secure and not fighting for survival, being able to relax, be creative and play… that’s all connected to happiness. So, shouldn’t it be our priority to be happy (instead of in control, popular or wealthy)?

What have a found in my Happiness is my Priority challenge?

It works. When life throws a challenge and I start to feel frustrated or overwhelmed, I remember what I’ve been writing or saying daily “Happiness is my Priority”. I find it really interesting how suddenly things align and I know what to do to get out of overwhelm. It’s not rocket science, it’s gut feeling. Instead of pushing for whatever I’m trying to get done, I let go or somehow shift my position.

I think what happens is that my statement relaxes me because I remember it’s not about being right or getting something done right now, ticking off a to-do list or achieving anything. It’s about being happy. That doesn’t mean that I can’t be right or not achieve anything. It just means that once that venture overwhelms me, I can step back and relax. Relaxing, again, gets me out of the tunnel view and opens my perspective. I can suddenly see alternative steps. It’s not accompanied by bright light and esoteric music as my description here might suggest. But since I’ve been observing it consciously, I’m surprised how easily I get out of the stress zone.

How about you try it as well for a few days: “Happiness is my Priority”. If you do, let me know how it goes.

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