Manifesting 10k per month

Exploring Happiness Blog - Manifesting 10k per month

Abundance and manifesting – yes, I’m back at this topic. Not so surprising when we remember that I made myself homeless because I didn’t have enough money for rent. At the same time, I’m not worried. There’s always been money for the things I really wanted. I just can’t “order” or manifest a random sum like $50,000.

Now I’m learning how to make 10k per month. Man, there is a lot of resistance in me. I know there is enough – I’m not taking that money from anyone who needs it more. I also know that I have a lot to offer in terms of skills and knowledge – it’s not cheating. But still, there’s resistance. Do I really need that money? And more importantly, why do I need it?

One task is to feel how I will feel when I’m manifesting 10k per month. I think I will feel calm because the universe has my back and supports me with financial resources. I might also be excited because of all the new opportunities those resources will open up for me.


In manifestations, the what and the why are important. We should leave the how to… whoever you think supports your manifestation – God, universe, spirits.

I’m struggling with the why. My life is happy. Yes, full of challenges but that doesn’t make it less happy. More money can probably provide some nice things, luxury and comfort. But will I be distracted from happiness and strive for more comfort? Or will I even be happier and spread that to the world? Resistance – like I said. Or maybe it’s not what I need?

How are your manifestation skills? Any tips?

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