Episode 23 – Resources

Exploring Happiness Podcaster Episode 23 - Resources

In episode 23 of the Exploring Happiness Podcast, I explore resources, the fourth pillar of the Exploring Happiness Framework. The Exploring Happiness Framework helps us to understand happiness and identify what we can do to feel happy consistently.

This episode examines four resources relevant to happiness: money, time, belongings or tools and energy.

While belongings are great for supporting what we do, they can also weigh on us. Coming from times when humans had little and thus liked to keep tools, we now can afford a lot and unnecessarily accumulate things. It is time to become more intentional about what we possess and make space for new opportunities.

Time often appears to be our enemy, slow, fast or something. But time is just time—one moment ticking away, followed by the next. It is great to have clocks, diaries and calendars to get control over time seemingly. But time is not controllable. It keeps being one moment after the other. Using the resource time in our favour means prioritising and becoming clear on what we want to spend time on. Making decisions.

Money is a human-made concept. Much like time, it is neither our enemy nor anything else than a tool to make trade easier. Money doesn’t make us happy. It is the use of money that can make us happy. Even though money is reprintable and abundant, it is essential to be intentional about what we want and why we want it to figure out how to get the resources, including money.

Finally, energy is all we are. Everything is made out of energy, and that energy connects us. Energy wants to flow. If energy is stuck because we don’t follow our dreams, it gets stale and makes us sick. We need to nourish our energy and support its flow.

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